Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Spanish Sparrow in Hampshire

I am not usually one who chases around after unusual birds but when I was told of a Spanish Sparrow just along the road, and as it happened, sort of on the way to work, it seemed rude not to pay it it a flying visit. As far as I am aware this is the first record of this species in Hampshire, and if the rumours are correct, it has been present since early December 2011.

Male Spanish Sparrow - Hampshire

The bird is frequenting feeders in gardens on a local housing estate, and seemed very settled with the resident House Sparrows, suggesting it has been present for a while and I suspect that if it stays around we will be able to look forward to various hybrid types in years to come!! 

Male Spanish Sparrow - Hampshire

The bird was intermediate in plumage, in that it was not as dull as a winter plumage male but not yet in full summer plumage. The chestnut crown is still showing some pale fringing and the bold black fringing on the back and flanks is not a bold as in a summer plumage bird. 

The local residents were very concerned about large numbers of birders descending on their estate, but thanks to the efforts of a highly respected local birder, he was able to reassure them that if plans were put in place the visiting birders would not cause too much disturbance. Unfortunately, the negotiations meant a couple of days delay in the news being put out, and has led to this birder receiving abuse from other birders, well I would like to thank Simon for all his efforts in liaising with the residents and ensuring that the news got out!

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  1. thank you for the info, something else I have learnt. enjoy and keep up the good work.


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