Friday, 19 April 2013

Spring appears to have Sprung on the Patch!

After what has been a very long and drawn out winter, it appears that spring has finally sprung on the patch. Blackcaps and chiffchaffs are seemingly now settled on their respective territories and a steady arrival of migrants saw my first willow warblers of the year on 14th April at Botley Wood.

Willow Warbler - Botley Wood April 2013

Near daily visits to the patch produced a white wagtail, also on 14th April, a male redstart on 15th, a nightingale on 16th and two whitethroats on 19th April. Other resident species have established their territories and are singing from the tree tops, some being more prominent than others. A green woodpecker was happy to call its distinctive yaffle, but was not too keen being watched do it and spent most of the time hiding behind the trunk.

Green Woodpecker - Botley Wood 

Butterflies were also evident, although still in small numbers, comma, peacock, brimstone and small tortoiseshell were all recorded on the patch. Hedgehog evidence (droppings) was once again present in the garden, it has been a while since I saw that.....

Comma - April 2013
                   ...and common and soprano pipistrelle bats were out foraging around Manor Farm.

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