Saturday, 25 May 2013

European Roller in Hampshire.....

In 1987 I went to the Greek Island of Kos with my wife for a short break, and whilst away a European Roller turned up in the New Forest. Now I've not been dwelling on it, but this morning I was stood chatting to a couple of mates in Botley Wood when confirmation came through of one at Broxhead Common, Hampshire....I just had to go!

European Roller Coracias garrulus - unfortunately it was a bit too
distant for photography but at least I got a record shot
The bird was ranging widely over the heath but was spending the majority of its time in view. It seemed to favour the woodland/woodland edge in the north of the site, but on one occasion it flew to the south, and perched in a large silver birch for a while. Apparently it has been around for three days, so hopefully it will hang around for a few more days. It appears that this is the sixth record for Hampshire, the two most recent twitchable birds turned up on 30th May 1987 and 30th May 1955. The County recorder has just stated that one was recorded in the county in 1997 but was suppressed!

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