Sunday, 18 December 2011

What a Cracker!!!

Opted for a lazy day today, and rather than ring at Manor Farm I decided to put a net up in the garden. A heavy overnight frost had frozen my furled nets so I had to start by taking down the frozen net and putting up a new one!!!

The feeders were full of the usual suspects, Blue and Great Tits, a Coal Tit and two Marsh Tits, but at 09:00 I noticed a small crest, with a very prominent white supercilium, in the net!!!


I knew immediately what it was, and having not captured one in the garden before I quickly rushed outside to get it....a cracking male Firecrest. I am sure that there will not be many who disagree when I say that this species is one of the best looking species in the British Isles, and beyond!!


The sharply pointed tail enabled me to age this bird as an immature, so a bird that was hatched this year.

Juvenile Tail of Firecrest

After release I was able to watch it feeding within willows at the bottom of the garden before heading off across the field behind to the denser scrub. What an amazing bird for a mid December ringing session in my garden!!!

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