Friday, 23 December 2011

Colour Ringed Turnstone - Bunny Meadows

Popped down to Bunny Meadows again the other day with the optimistic hope of catching some Turnstone with spring traps. Unfortunately, I had misjudged the height of the tide and most of the birds had already gone to roost. We did find one bird that was very confiding, which on closer inspection turned out to be colour ringed, so no point in catching this one!

Colour Ringed Turnstone

I contacted a mate who I know has colour ringed Turnstone in the past and it was indeed one of his birds. The bird was originally ringed at Weston Shore in Southampton on 15th March 2008,   3 years and 9 months previously. When captured it was aged as an adult so we will never know this birds true age, but it was nice to see that it was still wintering on Southampton Water, albeit 6 kilometres downstream. It would be nice to get some summer sightings to see where this bird is breeding.

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