Friday, 15 May 2015

Green-winged Orchids, Curdridge

The Glebe Meadow is a County wildlife site that is located just around the corner from the offices of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust, and my place of work. The site is designated for its species-rich meadow that includes Green-winged Orchids. Last year there were around 100 flower spikes and as now is the peak time for flowering I popped around to see how they were doing this year. There were 93 flowering plants in the meadow and a further two more in the adjacent graveyard, so another good year for the species.

Green-winged Orchid is a species of grassy habitats with base-rich soils (or mildly acidic), such as ancient hay meadows, unimproved meadows and sand dunes. Road verges, churchyards and lawns also support them.

Green-winged Orchids - Curdridge
Green-winged Orchids - Curdridge
Green-winged Orchid Flower showing the distinctive veins on the broad lateral sepals

On the way back to the office a dead Grass Snake was on the road. It had only just been killed, presumably run over by a car; not an ideal way to see my first Grass Snake of the year.

Dead Grass Snake

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